Living Under A Terrorist's Shadow- What Is In The Mind Of Baitulllah Mehsud

Despite a full scale military offensive by Pakistan army and continuous drone attacks by US the chief commander of Tehreek E Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has managed to survive and as the passage of time becoming more and more powerful. The killing of Qari Zain Uddin (a former Baitulllah’ commander), who recently criticized TTP chief in an interview and said that Baitulllah is playing in the hands of anti Pakistani and Islamic forces, proved that Baitulllah is power full enough to kill his enemy at his own will.
He has been involved in the killing of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and claimed the responsibility of several deadly suicide attacks all over Pakistan causing the death of thousands of innocent Pakistani Muslim children, religious scholars, leaders and what not.
Even the most hard core of Pakistani religious right, the Deoband faction of Islam, has started distancing itself from this blood thirsty man and it is recently reported in the press that scholars of Deoband have issued a fatwa (religious decree) against the indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians by Mr. Baitulllah. So the billion dollar question is that if not Deoband than from where this man is getting the inspiration to commit such a mass murder of people?
This question is most confusing because if Baitulllah and his aides believe that it is a religious war than in the presence of the fatwas from religious scholars condemning the killing of innocents proves that Baitullah wrongly believes his war as something holy and pious like Jihad against infidels. No religion on earth permits the killing of innocents be it Islam, Christianity, Judaism or anyone else.
If they have political ambitions than the question is from where they are receiving such a huge support both in term of finance and arms that make it possible to fight such a fierce battle with a professional army of Pakistan fully supported by the single super power of the world the U.S.
Apparently, every state is condemning terrorism in all its form and manifestation but it seems that something very serious is going wrong in the strategy and planning of war against terrorism. The continuous recruitment of suicide bombers, unhindered supply of arms and ammunition, finance and logistic supports compel a thinking min to think in other directions. As it is proved from recorded history that guerilla wars cannot be sustained after a certain period of time without the support of any foreign state. No matter how powerful non state actors are in post cold war world but still the states all around the world have enough authority at its disposal to stop the evil activities of some thousand miscreants living in caves of North and South Waziristan.
If the states all around the world are true in their claim that they are not supporting any kind of terrorism and even than these non state actors are uncontrollable than we need to rethink the very idea of nation estate and it’s power and authority structure as the continued surge of terrorism has posed serious question over the very idea of the state and its power structure. But the above mentioned proposition of the non involvement of any state element in the activities of terrorism seems remote because the weapon terrorist are using are sophisticated enough to be built in any cottage industry without an institutional support and the available finance to terrorists are also a proof of the state involvement at certain scale.

But remember whoever is supporting terrorist network remember that at a certain point terrorist organizations are gone beyond the control of even their creators. And once they become uncontrollable than every state of world will be in the line of fire because terrorists don’t wear uniform of any country and can create disaster at any place be it New York, New Delhi, London, Berlin, Beijing, Tehran, Dubai or Riaz. So remember that we need to be united against terrorism otherwise nothing will remain and there would end of our most beloved civilization of 21st century. Baitullah Mehsud and his asociates want to impose reign of terror on our free world and it is the responsiblity of governments all over the world to stop the advance of terrorism under any circumstance. We need to be more resolute in countering terror as it challenges our very existence.